Konya Uydu Yer İstasyonu ve VeriMerkezi: Türkiyenin ilk özel sektör Uydu Yer İstasyonu olma özelliği olan tesis 300m2 beyaz alana ve TIER 3+ seviyesinde erişilebilirlik özelliklerine sahiptir. KYOS tesisin yüksek hassasiyetleri karşılamaya yönelik oldukça detaylı teknik kriterlerini sağlayan  proje yönetimi, arazi seçimi,  projelendirmesi, inşaat, enerji, elektromekanik ve elektronik sistemlerinin kurulumlarını kapsayan tüm işlerini anahtar teslimi olarak tamamlamıştır. 


VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) Project is a project performed for General Directorate of Sea and Inland Waters which is a sub-unit of Undersecretariat for Maritime Affairs and connected to Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications at the top. Installations of one main office and twelve stations around İzmir was completed by KYOS.

VTS system aims to protect the environment and increase vessel traffic safety and interoperability.

Bir VTS sisteminin işlevleri dört grupta toplanabilir:

1. Increases the security of maritime traffic in the region and contribute to the works required by the competent authority in order to eliminate the problems.

2. Shortens the response time by providing information to the organizations fighting with sea pollution and/or providing rescue assistance in case a hazardous cargo is to be transported. 

3. Manages the flow of traffic in the area, enables the use of port resources in the most efficient way and accelerate sea traffic. 

4. Provides information to all vessels relevant to the traffic or on the subject requested and with respect to this information, establishes a connection with the port and flag states in the region via the system called Value-Added Services.


KYOS provides support to Ericsson for GSM, Transmission Systems, RF Optimization and RF Planning projects run in Northern Iraq and Egypt. Currently, KYOS keeps supporting the projects with its staff located in the regions mentioned.

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